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BroadTec Broadcast Software Solutions Ltd. was incorporated in 1992 for the purpose of developing and marketing advanced software solutions. The company specializes in the development of turn-key, heavy-duty ERP systems.

BroadTec's motto is very simple: "More for less".


The company has two main fields of expertise:
   - ERP systems for the industrial manufacturing market
   - Broadcast Management Systems.


BroadTec started working with the broadcasting industry back in 2002, when MyTV was first introduced.
Thanks to a growing client base, and an overwhelming embrace of the system by its users, the company made a strategic decision to focus primarily on the MyTV product, Since then, the system has continued to develop with the ongoing addition of time-saving functionality,  enabling its customers, old and new, to efficiently manage their  broadcasting business with a minimum of required resources.

In 2010, BroadTec was awarded the official Greenlight status from the UK Trade & Investment's Global Entrepreneur Programme as a "Technology of Exceptional Potential".


BroadTec continues to operate with the vision of offering its customers with cost effective, all-in-one, easy to use software while reducing operational costs, allowing them to fully concentrate on what they do best -  supplying high quality entertainment to their viewers.

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