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Playlist - Short Term Scheduling

​The playlist schedule in MyTV allows for frame accurate scheduling for the preparation of the playlist. Scheduling an event on the Playlist is as simple as drag & drop.

The Playlist fully support all types of secondary events and playout triggers, such as station IDs, voice-overs, cue tones, graphical triggers, etc.

The Playlist view offers rich functionality for the efficient, easy and fast handling of the daily schedule, with automatic day preparation, ensuring that the daily lineup is ready to be sent to the playout system in the minimal time possible.

The Playlist also offers a set of powerful analytic reports, allowing the user to see a detailed run-down of the broadcasting status by a wide range of parameters such as date, time, clients, commercials, etc.

The Planlist and Playlist views are completely interactive, meaning that any update performed on the Planlist is immediately seen also on the Playlist, and visa-versa, without the need of a manual update

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