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Project Management

Because of MyTV's complexity, it is necessary that the entire implementation process, from gap analysis to hand-over, be carefully managed and controlled.


BroadTec have an experienced team of project managers who have extensive experience in the field. Having worked with dozens of customers across all continents, we are able to quickly and efficiently understand your needs, translate them into the necessary technical information for our development team and supply you with the tailor-made solution at a high standard you would expect.


We work with our customers in full cooperation, ensuring that they understand the current status of the project before moving on to the next step. This partnership is designed in such a way that the customers not only feel that the project is in good hands, but also so that all key aspects of the project are conveyed to the customer in a manner that is easily understood.

The project's timetable and budget are the most precious asset of the project, and our team will ensure that the project is delivered to you, the customer, on time and without any surprise costs.

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