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MyTV Overview

BroadTec develops MyTV (“Manage Your TV”), an all-inclusive, end to end enterprise business solution, enabling TV broadcasters to easily manage their day-to-day broadcasting operations and related activities. These include:

  -  Acquisitions and Program Management

  -  Rights management

  -  Media Management

  -  Airtime Sales
  -  Promotion, Clips, Logos and Secondary Events

  -  Short and Long Term Scheduling

  -  Billing and Invoicing

MyTV's unique advantages includes:

  -  All-in-one system, with all departments sharing the same data

  -  Time saving functionality thanks to automated processes

  -  Helps to Increase utilization of program inventory
  -  Increases revenue from air-time sales
  -  Multi-lingual and multi-currency support
  -  Easy and friendly to use
  -  Short implementation time
  -  Very competitively priced

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